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An Examined Life with Jeff Allen 49: Nathan Cochran of Mercy Me, part 2

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Today we’re talking to Nathan Cochran from Mercy Me! We kick off our interview with talking about social media and what Nathan has to do to avoid the trolls of the internet. He shares how the band as a whole has to be careful about what they post online because they all represent each other and the wrong tweet or post could open the floodgates to critics. I shared some advice a friend gave me years ago, “Don’t preach and don’t do any political.” Because doctrine causes problems and politics cause problems.

Changing gears we talk about the new Mercy Me albums that were just released. Not only did they release a new album but they also made a new Christmas album at the same time. Nathan shares how it’s a little over whelming normally just releasing one album let alone two! We talk about the process it takes to make an album. Nathan shares that they make the musical track first, then Bart predominantly writes the lyrics.


I asked Nathan if that process takes a while, he shared that it can sometimes take a while but those tend to be the songs they love the most as a band. The fans tend to love the songs that come the easiest and are made in 5 minutes. But they keep playing the songs they love even though the crowd just sits there and stares at them because they love those songs.

We close out the podcast with talking about Nathan’s hobbies and family, including his five children.

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