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The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 174: Comedy with Donna East & Cooking with Katie Kimball

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Funny woman Donna East joins the show this week from NYC, packing her machinegun of a cackle!

For Christmas, Donna’s husband spoiled her and bought her a gift card for a facial at a local top of the line, luxurious Manhattan salon!Comedy with Donna East & Cooking with Katie Kimball

But, instead of being pampered and soothed, her aesthetician told her that she has age spots on her face!

“What you need is Olive Oil”, said the facialist. “When you are cooking, throw some Olive Oil on your face. When you are roasting your vegetables in Olive Oil, also throw some on your face!”

And you know what? It works!

So, for next year, Donna has asked her husband to save some money and instead of springing for an expensive facial, just go to Costco and pick up a bottle of Olive Oil… then give her the remaining amount in cash!

Next, Katie Kimball, the chief mess-maker from Kitchen Stewardship calls into the show!Comedy with Donna East & Cooking with Katie Kimball

Now, I’m no chef, but I love to cook! Which is why I turn to purveyors like Katie. I actually discovered her when I was recently looking for a recipe for homemade condensed milk (which shows how much of a cooking nerd I am!) Her takes on parenting, cooking, life balance and so much more impressed me.

For instance, we all know that we can spend less when it comes to feeding our families, but it will take more time to prepare these meals. Or, we can pay a mint and have everything delivered to our kids by door-to-door waiters. We can forage strictly organic ingredients for our kids, but then our bank accounts would be emptied faster than our refrigerators. We are constantly being stretched!

Also, when it comes to our health and our budget, as well as the lives of our children and even the resources around us… they are all gifts from God! And God wants us to be good stewards of all these gifts. So, as Katie puts it,

“There’s got to be a way to balance all of this without losing our minds about one more ‘gift from God!’”

As the old saying goes, we are what we eat. And Katie has learned that by striking up a balance between what is financially smart and what is dietarily smart, even things like her husbands battle with Crohn’s Disease can be won with the right foods… even when prescriptions couldn’t!

The key is simply being aware and not overwhelmed. Which is why Katie is here to help!

The first step to navigating this journey is to give yourself grace. Realize that it’s perfectly fine to simply take baby steps. No one should expect themselves to save their families and the Rain Forest in a day!

One tip is to cut and then to add: Cut out something from your fridge that your family regularly eats that isn’t very healthy… say a five-pound container of margarine… and switch to butter.

You can find more simple advice and corner-cutting tips on Katie’s website.

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