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The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 176: Karen Bankhead (Etta Mae Mumphries) & Max Winfrey

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I am so honored to be joined this week by the one and only Etta Mae Mumphries (Karen Bankhead) at the Comedy for A Cause event for Promise Village, a boy’s home and therapeutic boarding school dedicated to improving the lives of struggling boys and their friendly comedy from Daren Streblow, Karen Bankhead, Max Winfrey

Lately, Etta Mae has been training for the Senior Olympics. (I didn’t even know there was such a thing.)…

Apparently, she really excels at the Walker Relay and the High Blood Pressure Handoff.

And, speaking of an excellent handoff, juggler, funnyman, and my good buddy Max Winfrey joins the show this week as well!

His act is so incredibly amazing. He takes all the things that our moms told us to stay away from: fire, knives and wheelies… and combines them into a perfectly hilarious show!family friendly comedy from Daren Streblow, Karen Bankhead, Max Winfrey

As part of his act, Max towers over the audience aboard a 6’ tall unicycle… which is really cool to see on the stage of a cruise ship, rocking and rolling on the high seas! Then, when you think you’re amazed, he takes things to another level by juggling flaming torches and machetes from way up there!!

Perhaps you saw him on America’s Got Talent, where he threw knives at the silhouette of a volunteer from the audience. Now, this alone would have been spectacular; but when Max turned his “target” around to reveal a gagged and bound, innocent “assistant”, the amazement level skyrocketed!

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