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The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 173: John Branyan

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One of the most powerful voices of the internet and the entire world of media joins the show this week… comedian John Branyan! (seriously… if you Google him, his name actually shows up!)

Clean Comedy from John BranyanNot only does John make people laugh all around the country, but he also takes on culture, stands firm in his Christian faith and doesn’t mince words. Which is difficult when people who disagree with him take him on. Yet, John is perpetually filled with grace and panache… as he volleys witty repartee right back at them!

Particularly from my point of view, I marvel at John because I’m the type of guy who tries to get along with everybody… and John doesn’t.

Hear what I’m talking about on his podcast, The Comedy Sojourn.

As John puts it, “If you’re not giving it to people who disagree with you, then you’re either in an echo chamber or you’re not saying anything worthy of an opinion.”

So, obviously, it doesn’t bother him when people disagree with him. Unfortunately, too many people disagree with him and leave it at that. Not enough people say, “I disagree with you, but I appreciate your fairness.” And even fewer… in fact almost nobody say, “I disagree with you, and here’s why I think you’re wrong…”

John’s latest effort centers around neither stand up nor his podcast. He is starting an online course on creative thought.

In all truthfulness, the course started out as a comedy writing class. Soon after, John realized that the principles he was teaching are applicable to pretty much any mode of creative thought.

The goal is to eliminate writer’s block. And it works!

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