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e² media network™ offers weekly podcasts featuring Christian teaching about evangelizing and how to influence global and local cultures through sharing the Gospel.  We aim to effectively equip you to spread God’s Message to the ends of the earth with these evangelism techniques on how to share the Gospel with various cultures and ethnic groups through the power of testimony about Jesus Christ.
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The Big Picture Podcast with Joel Fieri

Joel Fieri (San Diego) engages through practical Christian teaching with a careful look the Christian influence on culture and the good, bad, and the ugly in the culture war.

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Open the Gates with Daniel Massieh

Daniel Massieh (San Diego) a former Muslim and prisoner in the name of Christ, equips with evangelizing techniques to share the truth about God with Muslims.

Christian bible teaching about Jesus Christ, scripture, becoming a mature Christian, discipleship, and the truth about God from the perspective of a young adult in the 21st Century.

Confessions of a Closet Christian with Jana Elizabeth Stambaugh

Jana Elizabeth Stambaugh (Maryland) explores Christianity from a 20-something perspective, relaying modern trends, discoveries, struggles, and pop culture references.

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Meeting People Head On

Missionary, Pastor and former Oakland Raider Ray Schmautz (Colorado) shares stories of how God has revealed Himself to Ray throughout his life and ministry.


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